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I have been away from the blog for a long while and need to patch up with the time left!
Here what I am starting with is about Acculturation related to Fibers.

Acculturaiton is a term used for the hybridizing communities especially in the country like United States. check out this link of PARAG KHANNA Director of Global Governance Initiative. He has discussed about the changing boundaries of countries. Their past and future and how Oil economy is driving this.
Geo politics is not of my interest topic. I term that fascinated me is ‘Boudriless world’. The whole process of acculturation is based upon the absorbing the new culture into old. According to me it is a necesssity of todays globaizing age and especially in the countries like United States it is an important part of its politics too. Margo Mozita who is an intellectual professor of Art History of Asian – American argued this before saying why all the immigrant artists while depicting their identity found choosing subjects like problems related to domestic race politics, may be rhetoric victimization, clamoring for mainstream recognition. Despite the fact the art may address the issues of migration, border crossing, cultural difference, historical connections between United States and Asia.


Allan McCollum

Woven Cultures


Layers of mind

Fabric experimentations


A Cactus……..

Landscape …………………………..

After stitching, the fabric turned so amazing that it made me take these pictures. The inspiration for these experimentations was the wish to play with the structural quality of the fabric. There are many possibilities within. Every fabric has its own qualities and identity. Fabric has its purpose. I think this rule follows in humans. I always think like the things that are happening around and expected to happen in the near future are all depend upon our personality and qualities. With the rule ‘every action has a reaction’ It always depends upon how I handle the situation and how positive I am towards doing something.



Arteries and veins

These branches show so much of similarity with the arteries and veins in human body. With the thick line this image is divided into two parts which I am more intrigued with.

Welcome Fall

As Fall is almost here this is the picture everywhere in Savannah. Fall is the period of the rebirth of mother nature. Getting rid of the old skin and ready to wear the fresh and young skin. Fall is maturity. In this image the devision of the space in two parts is the main focus for me. As always the textures on the both the side of the central line formed by the tiny leaves is awesome. One side is the soft sand and other side is of the road. One is fragile and another is strong like the personality.

Welcome Fall………Welcoming the maturity of nature.

Fan of a palm leaf looks so graceful

Fan of a palm leaf looks so graceful

This palm leaf reminds of the pleats in the fabric which create devisions in space.

Vertical and horizontal lines intersating

Vertical and horizontal lines intersecting

Parallel lines intersecting each other reminds me of the maps, which go geometric and organic way as per the land is available.

Intersecting lines and dotts

Intersecting lines and dots. Compositions of nature and the devision of space.

Lines on Leaf

Life lines of a leaf : A huge big leaf, don’t know exactly which tree is this. They were on barnard and so huge that they were falling like the drapes or umbrellas. The white lines were like pintucks, holding the leaf and directing it to fall or drape gracefully.